About us

We integrate processes in companies with relevant actors in the outside world – for the betterment of both the organisation and the outside world.

Today’s strongest companies are aware of their internal strengths and how to integrate them with the outside world. It is no longer sufficient to be “the best” at what you do. To maintain success, you must constantly integrate with and adapt to a changing world, but also work hard to ensure that the organisations services make outside actors “the best”. Sparring with others that are “the best” makes you better. The more your organisation does to make the outside world around you stronger, the better your results will be.

Through our strong global network we make sure that your organisation becomes aware of its internal strengths. Based on this, we will ensure that you get an overview of the most valuable actors worth collaborating with globally, which can help develop your organisation’s position of strength further. Together we construct a strategy for how to best build and integrate strong strategic alliances that benefit all involved parties. Lastly, C.I.P. is available to assist with the actual implementation of all practical elements related to building and integrating strategic alliances.

C.I.P. is a Danish owned global network of consultants that specialises in open innovation, CSV and development that makes both the individual organisation and its associated entrepreneurial ecosystem stronger.

C.I.P. assembles its most competent team to solve specific tasks. We map out the challenge together and then assemble the necessary competencies, experiences, languages, nationalities, etc. to handle the tasks in the best possible way.